The Magnificent Bridges of New York City


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Anne and I finally had time explore, and enjoy, a beautiful new book our longtime friend Dave Frieder – “The Magnificent Bridges of New York City.” Dave has spent more than 25 years photographing sixteen of NYC’s bridges with his Hasselblad and 4×5” cameras. A number of the images are made from the top of the bridges to give a unique perspective that reveals the elegant beauty of these engineering marvels. The reproduction quality of Dave’s black and white images is excellent. Dave never gave up on following his dream to have these images published as a book, and this handsome 220-page volume is a wonderful fulfillment of his dedication and hard work.
John Sexton, Photographer

The book arrived today (safely) and I had to sit down and look at it right away. It’s stunning! I tried to call you but I don’t have a current number. Anyway, I wanted to put some comments in an email so here goes.

Your packaging is very good but must be extraordinarily expensive. Isn’t there a book box that fits the book and you could wrap it in bubble pack before putting it in the box?

I wish there was a bigger picture of you on the top of the Manhattan Bridge!

I can’t remember what you call that flap of the cover, but it’s a very good introduction to the book. And I like your choice of that gray photo on the inner cover.

I, too, wish Ansel could see your book.

The layout of the book is excellent. I like your choices of fonts and sizes.

Your preface was fascinating! I’m so glad to know more about your history and how you got into photography and bridges. You have a good combination of the aesthetic and the technical.

I noticed that some of the images have more gloss than others. Was that intentional or just something that happened during printing? I don’t think most people would notice.

Again, congratulations!

Anne Adams-Helms

My friend Dave Frieder clearly has no concept of the term acrophobia. The advantage in this is that fact has allowed him to make amazing photographs of bridges. From the ground and waaaaaay UP!

He has also taken advantage of being a New Yorker and has just published a beautifully designed and printed book of his masterful black-and-white photographs of “The Magnificent Bridges of New York City”!

Alan Ross

I am very impressed and pleased with your life long dedication and the beautiful Magnificent Bridges of New York City that your created of the bridges of Manhattan. Your photographs are super and now historic and will be valued by Manhattan residents, New Yorker’s and people generally, as well as the professionals working with bridges.

The images are precise and not to be experienced otherwise. You have demonstrated prowess as well as bravery, talent, skill, and fortitude.

My heartiest congratulations to you. I am proud of your accomplishment. Thank you for the copy. I love bridges on general principle, both metaphorically and physically, have several bridge books. The comment by the descendant of Roebling is apt. And years ago I loved reading David McCullough’s The Great Bridge of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and the engineering feats and courage that tested everything known at the time Roebling was designing and constructing it. The Caisson construction had me holding my breath. And, I suppose anyone seeing you high on the bridges making photographs might feel a similar emotion. Bravo to you!

Please know that I (and Michael, too) so appreciate your accomplishment and sharing the book with us.

Jeanne Adams

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